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The Oregon Coast Digital Center offers a variety of educational courses from Basic Photoshop for those just starting image editing, to the more advanced class of Understanding Layers.  Since our classes are limited to four students, we can always customize the course content to meet the students' photographic needs. 
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Course Content
We have designed this course to help photographers ease into the image editing process.  Topics to be covered will be: setting up a digital darkroom, menus and toolboxes, workflow, file naming, exposure correction, contrast adjustment, selection tools, cloning techniques, making prints and much more.  Although no Photoshop or Elements experience is necessary, a good working knowledge of working with Windows is recommended.
This course is designed for the photographer who has been working with Photoshop and Elements tools for a while and is comfortable with making prints.  Participants should have a good working knowledge of image adjustments and are now looking to move to the next level. Topics to be covered will include:  working with Layers, image masking, channels, advanced selection techniques, burn & dodge tips, high-speed image editing, color print management and more.
Adobe's new program, Lightroom is a fabulous new tool for the image editor.  We will show you step-by-step how to integrate this program to streamline your image editing.
Camera RAW can often be confusing, so we have designed this course to help simplify the process.  We will concentrate on understanding the RAW process from in-camera shooting through the Camera RAW process in Adobe Bridge.
This is an advanced course for those with a thorough working knowledge of Photoshop.  We will introduce you to the non-destructive image editing process using Layers.
Basic Photoshop and Elements
Advanced Photoshop and Elements
Working With Lightroom
Working With RAW
Understanding Layers